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Oct 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
pledges to keep deductions for mortgage it is he's president. democratic caller michael. caller: i guess the one issue i can't understand is why the republicans and businesses who constantly complain about uncertainty when providing health insurance. the irony to me in the past healthcare was used to track good workers and i feel it's being used to alienate the workforce. why do they even want to be responsible for it in the first place? thank you very much. guest: i appreciate the call. i guess the reason we get our healthcare through employer is historic reasons. going back to world war ii, they had a wage controls on businesses and so they started offering fringe benefits instead. that has stopped. it not the best way to do things but that's where we are now. a better way to do it to be able to purchase their own insurance and carry with them from job to job. especially now we move around so much. this is the situation we have. healthcare is a big cost to most businesses. in this very tight economic environment, you're looking to save money. the problem with obamacare is it mandates b
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
added to the list, senator michael bennett from colorado, who is a newer, younger member who is part of the generation that does not understand why congress works so slowly. on the republican side they added another newcomer to the senate, senator mike johans. they are meeting this week. it is different since congress is on recess, and congress has not been here since early- august. lawmakers are home, campaigning in their states or for their colleagues tried to get majorities shored up in both the house and senate. so, a group is coming into town tomorrow for a meeting off- campus at mount vernon, which is a good place for them to meet if they want to avoid reporters who tend to stop the halls and wait out the meetings to get any little snippets of news. host: from politico this week, how secret is there work? i mean, how much do we know about what they talk about, when they are meeting, and what they're doing? guest: i would say the problems the country and this congress face are known. you could easily look back over many reports and the public and private meetings to understand t
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
that people cannot say it is not constitutional, i cannot afford it. michael melina a fascinating case. he is a glass cutter from redding, mass., working as grandparents firm. they only had a few employees, and typically, they will have somebody that works outside of the small business provide the coverage. if your husband is employed by a corporation, you would get the health insurance for the corporation. the small glass cutting firm did not provide health insurance. michael went to the state and said he had been on the health insurance connector, which was this new agency formed for people like him. if you do not get insurance through your company, you do not qualify for government programs. you could go on to the connector, which is like a shopping mall for various insurance programs. he said i have a wife that is out of work, a mortgage, condominium fees, a car payment -- he detailed his expenses, and he said he cannot afford the six ended $28 for my monthly health- insurance -- $620 for my monthly health-insurance premium. if the state said we think you can, and you should buy th
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
bentsen, the vice presidential candidate with michael dukakis responded to dan quayle where he said -- dan quayle had brought of john kennedy's name and bentsen was ready with their response saying that he knew john kennedy and he said you are not john kennedy. could see quayle in the background looking victimized. guest: let's take a look at a debate moment back in 2000 with al gore and george w. bush. "washington journa[video clip] >> would you to agree on a national patient's bill of rights? >> absolutely not. there is one bipartisan bill that is now pending in the congress. and the insurance companies support the other bill. they like it because it does not accomplish what needs to be accomplished, to give the decisions back to the doctors and nurses and give -- and let you go to the nearest emergency room. it lets you see a specialist if you need to. it had strong bipartisan support but is being blocked by the republican leadership in the congress and i specifically would like to know whether governor bush will support the dingell-norwood bill. >> do you see the differences bet
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
headquarters. let's hear now from michael in stat on lay in a on the republican line. >> caller: thank you for listening. >> host: yes, go ahead, michael. >> caller: it is astonishing to me why we don't put the support behind turkey since turkey supported us. i cannot understand why we don't go in, full guns, and support of ally. that is all i have to say. >> guest: well, michael. we actually have -- the united states has strong support for turkey since clinton and their foreign minister in turkey consulted earlier this week in refons the shelling that cross border shelling into turkey on wednesday. the u.s. strongly supported the meeting of the nato council that reassured turkey that defense commitments from the other members of the alliance were still firm and includes the united states. the u.s. has all along supported and very closely ashrined with turkish policy with regard to the regime and the need for asad to go and end repression. the problem is, that neath are the turks or the united states have been able to, don't have any leverage on assadand no able to convince him
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
hear your opinions. the new york sometimes, this is michael cooper, "taking stock of some of the claims and counterclaims." you heard about the tax cut from president obama. people out of quork, that was from romney. "the new york times" has brought their take on it and what they think people should know on these issues. instead of bullet points you can go to if you are interested in reading that for yourself. so last night one of the issues that came up was government subsdepizz of -- government subsidies of companies. here's mitt romney talking about that. >> first of all, the department of energy said tax breaks to oil companies is $2.8 million a year. it's an accounting situation that's been in place for 100 years. in one year, you provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world. now, i like green energy as well. but that's about 50 years worth of what oil and gas receives. you say exxon and mobile, actually this goes to drilling. if we get that tax rate from 38% down to 25%, that 2.8 is on the table. of course it's on the table. don't forget, you put $90
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6